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8 Simple Steps for Improving Mental Health

By making some small changes to our lives, accumulatively, big differences can be felt. The following are some of the foundations of good mental health and by making sure we have a healthy dose of each we can soon feel the positive effects.


when we have disturbed or little sleep we often wake to find the world is a darker place than usual and our day is off to a bad start from the outset. We may lie awake churning things over in our head or we may be worrying about the next day. By finding ways to manage these intrusive thoughts we can finally try and get the sleep we need. Have a notepad and pen by the bed - it is sometimes useful to take those tasks for tomorrow or thoughts from today out of our head and put them somewhere else. By writing things down that are bothering us we haven’t got rid of them but moved them to a safe place for a time when we are able to deal with them.

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When we eat rubbish, we tend to feel rubbish. When we are feeling low, anxious or depressed we might sometimes comfort eat or turn to fast or convenience food for ease and because well, we simply just can’t be bothered to do anything else. If this becomes a regular thing our mental health can decline and turning to junk food exacerbates the negative thoughts we might already be having. Whilst we are eating at least something, the satisfaction we get from feeling full or the comfort we get from the food might soon be replaced with negative thoughts compounding those we are already feeling. Eating more healthily improves that negative mindset and helps us feel better about ourselves.


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Counselling can help your emotional well-being

Counsellors are trained to listen, reflect back what they hear and help you find your own solutions to the difficulties you are facing. Counsellors will not give you advice on how to cope with any issues that may be affecting your emotional well-being but they will help gain a deeper understanding of why.

Counselling is beneficial if you're having a difficult time for whatever reason and you would prefer to talk to someone completely impartial.​


Whatever is bothering you, getting you down or stopping you completely enjoying your life, counselling can help you overcome these things. Counselling can help improve your mental health and general wellbeing and it can help you cope with the difficulties in your life.It's confidential, non-judgemental and offers you a safe space to just be you.

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