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Anxiety Counselling in Stourbridge

Anxiety is the feeling of heightened worry, fear or panic. It is a feeling that something bad is happening or will happen and it can affect how you feel physically, how you think, behave and relate and respond to others.

I've been helping people overcome their anxiety to live happy, healthy and meaningful lives by providing professional and compassionate anxiety counselling.

What can anxiety be triggered by?

Anxiety can be triggered by any number of factors, some include:

  • Work or study related stress

  • Financial stress

  • Relationship breakdown

  • Death of a loved one

  • Trauma 

  • Panic attacks

It's important to seek help from a professional if your anxiety is causing you emotional distress and interfering with your ability to function at work, school or home.


As a qualified counsellor, I can offer both short term and long term anxiety counselling to help you overcome your feelings. With the right support, either medical and/or therapeutic you can live a calmer, more fulfilling life.

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Kate Alliss BACP,

Qualified Counsellor based in Stourbridge.


Level 2 Counselling Skills
Level 3 Diploma Counselling Skills 
Level 4 Diploma Therapeutic Counselling

OU Online Counselling

CPCAB Level 2 Substance Misuse

Registered member of BACP

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