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Stress Counselling in Stourbridge

It's no secret that stress is a major issue in many people's lives. Pressure at work, pressure to succeed, pressure to be a certain way, pressure to please everyone else: the sources of stress are endless - and so is the toll it takes.

Stress can manifest itself physically as fatigue, headaches and even heart problems, mentally as anxiety, depression, and even paranoia and emotionally as tension or outbursts. The key to managing stress is knowing when it's time to get help and being open to the help and support that is available.

For many people, that help comes from a counsellor or psychologist. One-on-one counselling sessions help your mind and body cope with the physical effects of stress by learning how to recognise and respond to symptoms like anxiety or panic attacks. Counselling can help identify coping mechanisms and strategies that will work for you and your individual needs. 


Your mind also benefits from learning new ways of thinking about stressful situations, reminding yourself that you have what it takes to get through something stressful can be an effective way of coping with those feelings. Counselling will help you identify your own patterns of behaviour both positive and negative - and lead you towards healthier thought processes so you can make the most out of each day.

Kate Alliss Counselling_edited.jpg

Kate Alliss BACP,

Qualified Counsellor based in Stourbridge.


Level 2 Counselling Skills
Level 3 Diploma Counselling Skills 
Level 4 Diploma Therapeutic Counselling

OU Online Counselling

CPCAB Level 2 Substance Misuse

Registered member of BACP

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