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What are the benefits of counselling?

Counselling helps you to improve your emotional well-being, in a confidential and non-judgemental environment. Here are some of the main benefits of counselling:

Counselling provides a space to talk

Counselling is a space where you can talk about your life, your feelings, your experiences and your thoughts. It's also a space where you can share your fears, your hopes and your dreams.

Having counselling doesn't mean that there's something wrong with you - it just means that sometimes we need help navigating through difficult times in our lives. Counselling allows us to take action towards making positive changes in our lives so we can live more fulfilling and happy lives.

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Counselling is confidential and non-judgemental

A qualified counsellor will listen to your concerns and help you work through them in a way that feels empowering, not belittling. Counselling is confidential, nothing you say in the counselling room can be shared with anyone else without your permission (unless there are exceptional circumstances which are discussed before the work begins). Counselling also provides an opportunity for you to develop healthy habits and make changes in your life that will support your mental health, such as creating positive relationships with others and offering tools to manage stress and anxiety.

Counselling can help your emotional well-being

Counsellors are trained to listen, reflect back what they hear and help you find your own solutions to the difficulties you are facing. Counsellors will not give you advice on how to cope with any issues that may be affecting your emotional well-being but they will help gain a deeper understanding of why.

Counselling is beneficial if you're having a difficult time for whatever reason and you would prefer to talk to someone completely impartial.

Kate Alliss BACP,

Qualified Counsellor based in Stourbridge.


Level 2 Counselling Skills
Level 3 Diploma Counselling Skills 
Level 4 Diploma Therapeutic Counselling

OU Online Counselling

CPCAB Level 2 Substance Misuse

Registered member of BACP


Whatever is bothering you, getting you down or stopping you completely enjoying your life, counselling can help you overcome these things. Counselling can help improve your mental health and general wellbeing and it can help you cope with the difficulties in your life.It's confidential, non-judgemental and offers you a safe space to just be you.

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