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Couples Counselling in Stourbridge


Intimate and romantic relationships can sometimes suffer and even break down as we navigate our way through the ups and downs of every day life. There are many reasons why people may choose to consider starting couples counselling including - infidelity, intimacy, communication, children and family conflict, finances, stress, pressures of work, ill health, a life change or people simply growing apart.

Couples counselling can help by safely exploring the issues within the relationship and assist in repairing the relationship fractures and reconnection, reinforcing good habits and exploring compatibility. Couples counselling can also help with conflict resolution within the relationship and understanding how external factors might influence the relationship dynamic.


Couples counselling is for all stages of a relationship and not only those that are experiencing difficulties. 


My role as a couples counsellor is to support both parties within the relationship to facilitate change, develop a deeper understanding of the needs of each other and to help develop more effective communication. 

A healthy, secure relationship is based on trust and respect and a mutual understanding of each person's needs. During difficult times, one or both partners can find themselves feeling insecure, angry or isolated leading to feelings of unhappiness, loneliness or discontent. 

Couples counselling is a way to explore in a safe environment the issues within the relationship and how each person is feeling. The therapeutic work will help to develop a deeper mutual understanding of each person's needs within the relationship and help to repair the fractures that have occurred. 

Couples counselling is not a means for blaming another person for a wrongdoing. It is a way of helping people reconnect emotionally, to improve communications and to understand their partner better. 

Cost for couples/relationship counselling - £70

Kate Alliss BACP,

Qualified Counsellor based in Stourbridge.


Level 2 Counselling Skills
Level 3 Diploma Counselling Skills 
Level 4 Diploma Therapeutic Counselling

OU Online Counselling

CPCAB Level 2 Substance Misuse

Registered member of BACP

Counselling Your Way

I can offer therapeutic counselling in different ways to suit whatever your needs are, whether it's face to face, over the phone, by video-calling and if you are unable to get to me, I can provide home visits on request. I have a purpose built dedicated therapy room that will provide you a safe and peaceful space.

I have a dedicated and private counselling room based in Stourbridge where I can provide a safe, peaceful and comfortable space for clients.

Video Call Counselling Stourbridge-01-01.jpg

I offer counselling over many different video-calling platforms for clients who prefer the convenience of not having to leave their home.

I offer phone counselling services for clients that prefer to talk this way.

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