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Counselling Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I need counselling for?

This is dependent on each individual, their presenting issues, how engaging they are in the therapeutic process, how open they are to counselling and the type of counselling they are having. Some people find that just a few sessions is enough whilst others have counselling long-term as a way of managing their own mental health and wellbeing. 

How long before I start to feel better from having counselling?

People often find that after the first session they feel a sense of relief that they have shared whatever is on their mind with someone completely impartial and someone they feel they can trust. Longer term it is dependent on many factors - how open the person is to the counselling work, what the scale and nature of the issues are that are affecting the person and how deeply rooted their presenting issues are. 

What if I feel too embarrassed or ashamed about my problems to have counselling?

How much are counselling sessions?

A qualified counsellor will provide a safe space for you to talk about whatever is on your mind without fear of judgement, shame or embarrassment. The counsellor will ‘walk alongside you’ on your therapeutic journey offering empathy and understanding to help you be as open as you can be to then help you flourish and grow as a person.

My sessions cost £50 for a full hour.

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