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Therapeutic Counsellor in Stourbridge

I am a therapeutic counsellor based in Stourbridge and I am able to help people with issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, bereavement and loss, addiction and substance issues, PTSD, abuse, anger and trauma.


I also provide couples counselling and relationship counselling.

By working with you I will help you gain a better understanding of your thoughts, feelings and responses and offer tools to help you. I hope to assist you in uncovering your hidden potential to help you develop and grow.

Whether your issues are in the past or present, we can explore them together to help unlock whatever it is that is holding you back from finding happiness. ​I provide one to one and relationship counselling services in-person, online and over the phone.

Kate Alliss BACP,

Qualified Counsellor in Stourbridge

07535 934958


"I’ve been to a few therapists and I couldn’t find the right one, until I met Kate. From my first session I knew Kate was the therapist I had been looking for, she made me feel so at ease and really made me feel comfortable speaking to her about anything and everything." - Avi

“I was really struggling with the loss of a grandparent and two close friends. Working with Kate I’ve been able to let out the grief and learn more about myself, in a safe space, which has helped me reach a sense of equilibrium again.” - LC

Counselling Your Way

I can offer therapeutic counselling in different ways to suit whatever your needs are, whether it's face to face counselling based at my therapy room in Stourbridge, over the phone by video-calling. Offering counselling services in the West Midlands, I am within easy reach of Kidderminster, Halesowen, Dudley and Hagley. I have a purpose built dedicated therapy room that will provide you a safe and peaceful space.

I have a dedicated and private counselling room based in Stourbridge where I can provide a safe, peaceful and comfortable space for clients.

Video Call Counselling Stourbridge-01-01.jpg

I offer online counselling over many different video-calling platforms for clients who prefer the convenience of not having to leave their home.

I offer phone counselling services for clients that prefer to talk this way.

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Person-Centred Counselling Services 

As an integrative, person-centred counsellor in the West Midlands, I am able to identify tools that may help you make sense of your feelings. Be assured that you will be at the centre of our work together and you will set the direction in which we travel. Learn more about what to expect in your first counselling session here.

Our therapy sessions will help you in handling a variety of issues that life brings, including:

I offer face to face counselling sessions in addition to online via Zoom or other video calling platforms and over the phone. My therapy room is within easy reach of Stourbridge, Kidderminster, Halesowen, and Dudley.

About Me

I am a qualified counsellor based in Stourbridge, West Midlands. I'm a mum to three grown up boys, I have a passion for helping people and I hope to walk alongside you down whatever path you choose to take us. 

I would love to help you overcome whatever you feel is holding you back from feeling fulfilled and being truly happy in life.

Free Consultation

Book a free consultation

I can offer face to face sessions, video-calling and over the phone. If you’d like to have a chat about how I can help you, please contact me either by completing the form below or you can call or email me if you prefer.

Individual counselling sessions are £50 for an hour and £70 for couples/relationship counselling.


Thanks for submitting!

Counselling Services in Stourbridge & West Midlands

Based in Stourbridge, I can cover Oldswindford, Norton, Wollaston, Amblecote, Wollescote, Lye, Kingswinford, and Brierley Hill. I am also able to offer counselling services in Dudley, Rowley Regis, Cradley Heath, WombourneKidderminster, Halesowen, Hagley, and more.

Counselling Frequently Asked Questions

How does counselling help?

Counselling can help you move forward with whatever your problems are and will give you the time and safe space to work and talk through what is on your mind. Counselling can help you gain a different perspective on the things that are affecting you. Counselling provides a respectful and non-judgemental environment where you will feel secure enough to talk about your inner-most thoughts, difficulties, fears, emotions and vulnerabilities.

How do I find the right counsellor for me?

Each person has different circumstances and not all types of counselling will be right for each person. When you feel ready to find support from counselling, it is important that the right counsellor for you is found. A strong therapeutic relationship is vital for successful outcomes for clients so please take the time to speak to more than one therapist to make sure you feel comfortable working with them. You might be baring your soul to someone you do not know and it is really important to find someone you feel able to be completely open and honest with to get the most from the work you will be doing together. To help in your search for the right counsellor, learn more about the different types of counselling here to find a method that works for you.

Are counselling sessions confidential?

Counselling sessions are confidential and a client’s confidentiality will only be broken if there is risk of harm to any child or person and if there is criminal activity including terrorism, extremism or exploitation. Please see my Privacy Policy for more information.

What type of counselling do I need?

This depends on the presenting issues of the person seeking therapy. There are numerous types of counselling such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which is usually used when someone is trying to break a habit or overcome fears or phobias. Person-centred counselling helps a client to explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviours by allowing the client to direct the therapeutic work. The Psychodynamic approach focuses on the client’s early years to try to understand how childhood events might have impacted on them as adults. Integrative person-centred counselling has a person-centred focus but the therapist draws on other modalities to build an approach that is unique to the client’s needs. 

Head over to Counselling FAQs for more commonly asked questions, or read my article on what to expect at your first counselling session here.

Still unsure if counselling is right for you? I've compiled a range of mental health resources to help if you're suffering with mental health issues. This includes the contact details for charities that can help, alongside articles I've written which may be able to help such as tips for improving your mental health.

Why do people choose to have counselling?

People choose to have counselling for so many different reasons. They may be experiencing prolonged poor mental health, they may feel low, depressed, anxious, been through a trauma, have lost someone or simply be worrying about something that has happened in their life and have nowhere else to turn.

Counselling isn’t just for overcoming mental health issues, it can also be used for personal development and help for achieving your goals. Learn more about some of the benefits of counselling here.


Counselling is a way to share what you’re feeling, what you are going through or have experienced with someone that is completely impartial to you and your situation.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me for more information.

“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare

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